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  • Check-In & Drop-Off Rules

    We will schedule your pets pick-up time when you are here for drop-off. Earliest time for pick up is 4pm. Each pet has been scheduled a block of time for their grooming session. It is very important to arrive at the designated pick up time given to your pet. Arriving earlier than expected could shorten your pet's groom session or interrupt another pet's grooming time. Unscheduled interruptions often cause pets to become overly excited, not permitting the groom to be completed. We work with very sharp equipment around the eyes and ears. Please be courteous by not knocking loudly at the front door as it might startle the pets and us! Our kennel is located off the beaten path, so for security reasons we keep the doors locked between 9am & 4pm. In the event of an emergency or special circumstance, please let us know and we can arrange an early pick up time for your pet.

  • Please Note

    PLEASE NOTE! South Paw Bed & Bath reserves the right to refuse boarding or grooming to any pet we feel may be disruptive to our other guests. These may include, but are not limited to, females in their heat cycle, nuisance barkers and aggressive pets showing aggression with any staff members.  We attempt to reduce stress on our guests and to do so, at times, refuse certain pets.  Thank you for your understanding.

Grooming By Appointment Only


Check-In Times: 7am - 9am

Check-Out Times: 4pm - 5:30pm

OOPS! In case time slipped past in the course of your busy day and you couldn't make it before 5:30, no worries. We arrange for pets to board overnight if not picked up. Please be assured pets are made comfortable and attended to before we leave. We close promptly at 5:30.

Pet Grooming Services

Your Pet's Day At The Spa!

Our kennel is equipped with a professional grooming salon. We offer the following services: dog grooming (all breeds) & cat grooming, baths, summer shave downs and scissor finishes on all haircuts. All haircuts include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and anals. Bows, nail polish and bandannas are available on request. Also ask about our medicated shampoos, blueberry facials and warm oil treatments!


Our grooming pets arrive in the morning between 7 & 9am and spend the day being pampered and made to look their very best. We begin their grooming session with a pre-bath trim and check for fleas, ticks or any ear problems.  Potential health problems or concerns are noted and are explained to the pet owner with our opinion if a visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

Next the pet has a nice, warm hydro-surge bath in an all natural, pesticide free shampoo. The hydro-surge bathing system gently massages your pet, getting them totally clean & smelling GREAT.


Next your pet is fluff dried (by hand), brushed and combed out. They love it! By this time your pet is ready for his potty break, snack and a much needed nap.


After resting it's time for the hairstyle of your choice. We use clipper vac-grooming which keeps the clipper blades cool & clean then scissor finish the new "hair do".

Now...for the finishing touches! Bows, bandannas, or polished nails! Finally your pet has been made to look and feel their very best and are ready to show off that new "do". We also offer medicated shampoos, warm oil treatments, blueberry facials and FURminator Shed-less Treatments.


Grooming Pricing: Prices for grooming vary according to breed, style, hair coat, size and temperament. Cat and dog grooming prices start at approximately $45.00 and go up accordingly. Approximate fees can be quoted over the phone; however a more accurate window of pricing will be given at the time of drop-off after consulting with the groomer. The price of grooming depends on hair coat condition, size of dog, temperament, and time spent performing the groom.

Every attempt will be made to satisfy our clients. Please keep in mind that it may take a grooming or two to get your pet’s grooming just right.


Grooming Reservations: Cancellations should be called in a minimum of 24 hours before your scheduled appointment and 48 hours before Holidays.

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